Raccoon City Radio: Resident Evil 3 Demo & Our Return!

We’re back! Better than ever! Direct Download — Apple Podcasts — RSS Feed Join Andrew Taylor and Alex O’Neill (that’s me!) as they return to Raccoon City over one year later, diving back into the streets this time as Jill Valentine…

Raccoon City Radio 05: Claire- Side B

Andrew and Alex are back after a little hiatus to discuss their experience playing as Claire Redfield and their time with her campaign.

Raccoon City Radio 04: The Secret Lab

Time to finish campaign A through this secret lab.

Raccoon City Radio 03: The Sewers

Deep, down, into the sewers Andrew and Alex go, this time finding a friend there.

Raccoon City Radio 02: The Police Station

It’s time to take the first steps into fear.

Raccoon City Radio 01: The One-Shot Demo

The first episode of a limited-run Resident Evil 2 podcast!