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Alex is the Editor-in-Chief, overlord, and overall master of Irrational Passions. He loves JRPGs, Persona 5 Royal is his favorite game ever, and he hopes to take on a full-time editorial role at a video game outlet someday.

Trails to Azure Review

In Crossbell’s darkest hour, can the SSS come together and save the day?

Destiny 2: Prepare For Lightfall

Welcome back Guardians! It’s another month, and we are on the precipice for what may be Bungie’s biggest expansion to Destiny 2 ever, at least on a mechanical and story level. I’ve had a lot of great conversations about the…

D2 Column: Five Things Working For Destiny 2, Five Problems with Destiny 2

Welcome fellow Guardians and non-Guardians alike, to my brand new monthly Destiny 2 column! I hope that this will serve as a month-to-month discussion on the goings-on of Destiny 2, and I hope to be able to produce a sort…

Shovel Knight Dig: Review Discussion

Review Discussions are interview-style discussions hoping to discuss specific aspects of the game in question that may or may not be included in the written review. In some cases, the discussion will be the only critical conversation we put out…

God of War Ragnarök: Review Discussion

A *slightly* botched deep dive discussion into God of War 2018’s anticipated follow up.

Trails from Zero Review: A Great Place to Start

Take the train to Crossbell and journey into the Trails series.

PAX West 2022: Wordless Preview

A new Metroidvania with a lot to bring to the table.

Elden Ring Review Discussion

It’s time! FromSoftware’s hotly anticipated, massively open, and hugely explorative Elden Ring is upon us. After spending some time with it, Alex finishing it twice, Scott about halfway through, we dive into our thoughts on Elden Ring.

Patch Notes 2.01 – New Year, New Games, Same Fantasy League

Its a new year! And so with it a new season of Patch Notes! Alex and Nabeshin sit down to discuss various topics across the video games space, their favorite games, or just whatever they want to talk about at the time.

Nobody Saves the World – Review Discussion

Alex and Quin sit down to discuss the newest game from DrinkBox, Nobody Saves the World!

Patch Notes 1.05: Alex & Nabeshin’s 2021 Recap

As per tradition, Alex and Nabeshin have sat down to discuss their favorite games from the very weird year of 2021, reflect on the changing of the podcast, end of IPP, and the very very weird year it was, even after 2020.

Patch Notes 1.04: Returning to Samus

Alex got to sit and chat with his good buddy Nabeshin through the ups and downs of the series, where Metroid Other M is today in 2021, and also how Metroid Dread stacks up (spoilers: it’s the best one).