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Alex is the Editor-in-Chief, overlord, and overall master of Irrational Passions. He loves JRPGs, Persona 5 Royal is his favorite game ever, and he hopes to take on a full-time editorial role at a video game outlet someday.

IP Podcast 495

We took some time off while Alex was sick (even though this episode is very late also) and now we’re back and how was March?

IP Podcast 494:

We are back again (this time later than ever) and Tony has finally entered the VR-Sphere!

IP Podcast 493: Mario is Allowed to be Fun Again

This week it’s just Alex, Scott, and Tony as they travel from financial real estate to capture stars, to more tactics games. Download: Apple Podcasts — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download Audio Version Timestamps: 00:40 –…

IP Podcast 492: Jarrett & Scott Explain the Stolk Market

Jarrett and Scott educate us all on the Stock Market and also we played some crazy video games.

Patch Notes 1.02: The Best & Worst of 2020 Pt. 2

We’re back, myself, Alex O’Neill, and Brian Nabeshin Jackson, to sit down and talk about video games and whatever we’d like to talk about! Today we are continuing our conversation from last time, discussing new consoles, games we need to…

Alex & Nabeshin Present: Patch Notes 1.01- The Best & Worst of 2020 Pt. 1

Hello it’s Alex and Nabeshin, we’re back, we have a new name, we’re gonna keep talking one on one, don’t worry!

IP Podcast 491: BitCoins & Agendas

We come to reflect on oldies and goodies. Jurge comes back from PopAgenda to say hi and report on the latest and best Video Games™.

IP Podcast 490: Nabeshin’s Final Episode

Nabeshin’s final episode as a regular host.

IP Podcast 489: Finally Some Bugsnax

This time we only talk about Demon’s Souls for most of the time. Download: Apple Podcasts — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download Audio Version Timestamps: 00:50 – Intro & Housekeeping 03:22 – Scott’s Games – Hades…

IP Podcast 488: Next Gen

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have arrived! So let’s talk about Demon’s Souls of course!

IP Podcast 487: The Eve of Next Gen

With everyone together again, we share some excitement about next gen!

IP Podcast 486: We’re Ready for Better Load Times

The whole crew is finally back together and we have some weird games to talk about.