Alex O'Neill
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Alex is the Editor-in-Chief, overlord, and overall master of Irrational Passions. He loves JRPGs, Persona 5 Royal is his favorite game ever, and he hopes to take on a full-time editorial role at a video game outlet someday.

Old But Still Irrational

Hello loyal listeners, ever wanted to go down memory-lane and listen to some classic (yet still Irrational) episodes of IrrationalPod? Well, just for you guys, I’ve assembled a list of direct-download links for episodes 1-15 as well as the ExtraLife…

Irrational Passions Podcast Ep16

Episode 16 ~ Prime’s Bustin’ In Episode 16! Guest host: Primebuster from Downtoforit X! Unfortunately, about halfway through the show, some serious static broke in, and it takes its sweet time going away. It begins during AcesHigh’s review of Halo…

Fresh and New

Welcome people, to the new WordPress site for Irrational Passions Podcast! I’m sure you have a lot of questions, such as “double website, all the way across the sky, what does it MEAN?!”