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NES Remix

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Nostalgia | Challenging level design

No real improvements

NES 1Typically, classic video games get bundled into cheap packages, where the fun only lasts you about two to three days, tops. Nintendo figured they would have their own take on showcasing the classics to a younger generation. When the company that originally developed these arcade legends decides to release these titles based on how they see fit, the outcome is bound to gain some success. Donkey Kong, ExciteBike, and The Legend of Zelda are just a few 8-bit classics that received the remix treatment.

The Remix gameplay style is similar to the Wario-Ware format people have become accustomed to. If you’re not, it is a level based game that designs different challenges for the player to beat in order to unlock not only higher levels, but also other games, in regards to NES Remix. Through this gameplay structure, the game never gets repetitive because there is always different challenges in other games that you can jump around to. It factors out that gruelling anger that is generally associated with these NES 2oldies due to there being a sense of accomplishment through the challenges.

Though, what kind of rendition of the classics would it be if it didn’t have you yelling at the TV screen because you could’ve sworn you pressed A? The controls that were challenging to manage with in first place seemed to remain the same for the most part. What’s upsetting about the lack of attention to improve the controls is that when you think remix, more often than not refers to remodeling aspects from the original in order to have a more refined edition. At the same time the controls could be taken a different way by how they reflect the classic struggle of trying to control your character. Either way has logical arguments, but it’s that undeniable frustration with the controls that make the classics as challenging as they are.

If you don’t enjoy these type of titles, don’t even bother getting it from Nintendo’s eShop, because outside of the new take with the challenges, there isn’t whole lot that’s different. It would have been fun to have some exclusive features that promoted the use of the gamepad or once you completed each of the challenges for a specific title you would unlock the complete arcade version of it. LinkUnfortunately that’s not the case with NES Remix, and the only real exciting exclusive gameplay from this title is when you are able to play as Link in Donkey Kong. If NES Remix would have been left in development for a little longer, it really could’ve had a larger impact in regards to offering a more diverse gameplay from not only my suggestions, but also with multiplayer additions that could integrate the whole family back to the classics.

Closing Comments:

NES Remix is great due to it’s fresh take on classic arcade games and the fact that it was unexpected, though it still has room for improvement when talking about other features of NES Remix, or the lack there of.




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