Mike Burgess
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Mike has worked in production and audio engineering over the last 7 years in many different capacities from live theatre production on cruise ships and arena stages, recording studio work with local bands/venues, video streaming for government contracts, and is now looking to take these experiences and apply it all towards his other passion, video games and the community that loves them by making video reviews and features for the site and whatever else in the future.

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes Preview: A Promising Return

Although this upcoming entry in the No More Heroes series is considered more of a spin off, fans of the previous games can find a lot to enjoy in Travis Strikes Again. The demo I got hands on time with…

Kirby Star Allies Review

Kirby has made his debut on Nintendo’s latest console, But even with all his new abilities and an HD coat of paint he can’t seem to break the mold. The story is what you’d expect if you’ve played any Kirby…

Monster Hunter World Video Review

Time to hunt in the new world.

Mike Burgess’s Top 10 Games of 2017

Editor’s Note: Mike is a new contributor to IrrationalPassions.com and you may have heard his work in some of our Roundtable Discussions. His new contributions may be in video, audio, or other forms in the coming weeks! 2017 was a…