IPP445: Empathy & Decision Making in The Outer Worlds, Who is nominated for Game of the Year?

This week Quin jumps on to talk about The Outer Worlds, we revisit Satisfactory, and guess what the Game of the Year nominees will end up being.

IPP443: We talk about PlayStation 5, Shadowkeep two weeks in, and Elden Ring Possibilities

In this week’s episode, Alex, Scott, and Tony dive into what the PlayStation 5 may be and how it’s being handled, and also reminisce on the Souls games and From Software.

Input Ep. 52: Clash of Clans Money Laundering, Nintendo Files Massive Lawsuit Against Rom Site, and more

Join us in this episode of Input as we discuss how to clean dirty money in the year 2018 and more! Discussion Topics: Clash of Clans Crimes Take Down This ISO of Captain Rainbow Immediately! Quantic Dream Update Part. 5?…