Ooblets Impressions – Vibing with Lil Plant Babies

Ooblets opens with a very familiar concept: you play as a character who is tired of their old life and moves to the island of Oob in hopes to start a new one in Badgetown. It establishes itself within minutes..…

Windscape Preview

I got the chance to meet up with Gregor Ebert from Headup Games, a small and independent game publisher and developer from Germany at PAX East. What’s cool is how they are working with exceptionally small teams, sometimes even just…

Overland Preview: Exciting Survival

The realm of turn based strategy and survival games are completely foreign to me. From afar, they’ve always looked too complex and intimidating. There have been times when the look or swagger of a game in the category grabbed me,…

Yakuza 6 Impressions: My First Time in Kamurocho

Yakuza 6 just so happens to be my first trip to the Yakuza world, and it’s been an incredibly enlightening experience.

1849 Preview

This old-western city builder needs some work.