Ooblets Impressions – Vibing with Lil Plant Babies

Ooblets opens with a very familiar concept: you play as a character who is tired of their old life and moves to the island of Oob in hopes to start a new one in Badgetown. It establishes itself within minutes..…

Spiritfarer Preview: Wholesomeness, Passing On, & Hugging Cats

A game where you can hug cats is always a game made for me.

Sparklite’s Spirit of Adventure

Sparklite looks in itself and finds a really special magic.

The Outer Worlds Delivers on the Promise, But its Messaging is Messy

When the first trailer dropped for The Outer Worlds at The Game Awards, I was enamored with the idea of a Fallout-type game set in space, and the fact that the original team behind Fallout was making a brand new…

Escape: An Ape Out Story

My eyes snapped open. Frantically I looked all around, scanning every surface and square inch of my surroundings. I could see them everywhere. I was trapped. I could feel the anger and sense of injustice of it all. This wasn’t…

Reviewing the Telltale Situation

Quin recounts the recent closure of Telltale Games Studio.

Long Live Yharnam

Yharnam had fallen. The wretched, sunken in faces of the public. The roving, mad bands of hunters gone too far, lost to the insatiable appetite and burning rage within them. The blackened buildings of Yharnam lined thick with a heavy…

Possum Springs, USA

Let’s take a trip to Possum Springs.

Feature: Growing Up with a Generation

Alex recounts growing up with some of the best video game consoles to date.