Creature in the Well Review

Creature in the Well coins what it means to be a pin-brawler.

Input Ep. 100 – Input Stories: Belinda Garcia (Popagenda)

On this very special hundredth episode of Input, Jurge and Logan dive into a wide ranging conversation and interview with Popagenda’s Belinda Garcia about her journey into games, her experiences with Pop, and the insatiable, deeply powerful sense of optimism…

Cuphead Interview: The Truth About Mugman

Alex and Jarrett got to sit down with Tyler Moldenhauer from Studio MDHR to talk about Cuphead and its release on Switch!

Input Ep 73: The 2018 Inputies

Jarrett, Jurge, and Logan are proud to usher in the first Inputies. THE internet gaming award ceremony that really matters, recognizing such important categories as Please Stop, Excuse Me, and Biggest Story. Part recap, part satire, and part genuine reflection on 2018 and…

Input Ep. 72 – Input Stories: Geneviève St-Onge (Popagenda)

On this week’s very special episode of Input, Jurge and Logan are joined by Geneviève St-Onge – Co-Founder of the video games PR and Marketing consulting group, PopAgenda – to talk about her career in games, how her team came…