Input Ep. 69: Thanksgiving Shoutout Episode

All three of the boys came together for this special thanksgiving week episode where they give shoutouts to a series of pieces that they are thankful for. We’d also all collectively like to say how incredibly thankful we are to…

Spelunky 2 Preview

Update from Sept. 1st: So, I have a lot of updates to this preview that I want to follow up on, so much so I’m pretty much adding an entire addendum preview to this. Some new developments and actually some…

Spelunky 2 Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

Join me in this frame by frame breakdown through the first gameplay trailer of Spelunky 2, upcoming game from Mossmouth and Derek Yu, and sequel to the much-loved original. Game trailer via Sony Interactive Entertainment.

IrrationalPod Ep. 227

Ain’t nothin’ like a Game of the Generation list to reopen old wounds.