Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review

Even though it was nearly four years ago now, watching the heroes take their first steps out into the bright new world Final Fantasy VII Remake created, I vividly recall the feelings of bewilderment, excitement, and wonder of what was…

IPP450: Emotions in Life is Strange 2 and a Series X Conversation About The Game Awards

The crew gets reflective with Alex discussing Life is Strange 2, revisiting Path of Exile, and how The Game Awards landed.

Professor RPG: Final Fantasy VIII Junction Basics

Love it or hate it, Final Fantasy VIII is one of the more divisive entries of the series. Up until its release, the series had remained fairly consistent with deviations being slight and building off of the previous game. Magicite…

Opinion : Square Should Have Read the Signs to Prevent Octopath Shortages.

The Square Enix is a strange beast these days. In years past, their games were synonymous with role-playing. These titles evoked wide ranges of emotions from its players with characters and stories that drew in their audience and left them…

I Am Setsuna Preview: Going Back in Time

Call it the come-back kid.

Monthly Passions: January 2015

The new year! It’s video games again! Huzzah!