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The WiiU is nearing it’s first year anniversary, is it finally worth purchasing?

Writers Ramble: EPISODE 1

Irrational Passions brand new spin-off podcast ‘Irrational Talks’ is now live. Listen to Episode 1 today!

The Oculus Rift: The Future Of Gaming?

Technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace, so rapidly in fact that even trying to keep up with the ongoing growth of the technology industry can prove to be both a tiring and arduous task. Within the past ten…

The Best Villains In Video Games

Throughout the years, gaming has seen some of the most amazing heroes. With characters like Link from The Legend Of Zelda, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and even those two plumbers (it’s not Bowser and Luigi is it?) games have…

Proteus: A Beautiful, Poignant Experience

Niall peaks into what Proteus is, and what the experience meant to him.