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ODOS: Risk of Rain

One Dollar, One Sentence is a review format where Tony goes through and reviews a game using only one sentence for every dollar in its MSRP.

Risk of Rain – PC – $9.99 (Steam)

The ultimate rogue-lite power fantasy, Risk of Rain is a 2D action platformer that allows the experienced player to go far beyond the capabilities of other games in the genre. If you’ve ever played The Binding of Isaac you may be familiar with the concept; grab as many items as you can and create combinations of effects and bonuses to increase your power level.

Time works against you as enemies are constantly increasing in power themselves as you fumble around looking for ways to make yourself stronger. For example, with the Jar of Souls and Happiest Mask items, you can summon a horde of ghosts to fight for you so massive that you’re likely to slow down the game itself. Item upgrades can help or harm you and the only real way to find out which is which is by trying everything out. Every combination is unique and adds a completely new layer of depth to what is a visually simple game.

Risk of Rain is not a game with an overly intense or captivating story, instead focusing on superior gameplay. You won’t come to Risk of Rain to experience cutting edge graphics or sound design, you’ll come back because you need to know what else is possible. You just have to know what other combinations are possible that will completely reshape the gameplay.
Risk of Rain is an excellent change of pace when compared to other modern games and has certainly aged well over the last few years and is certainly worth the price tag.

Software provided at no cost for this review as a gift from Scott. What a guy. 

Reviewed through Steam on PC.

Also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Linux, Macintosh operating systems.



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