Input Ep. 57: Shout Outs – Call-Out Culture, Doom’s Weapons, and Japanese Game Preservation

Jurge and Jarrett are here for a all Shout Outs episode of Input! Shout Outs:  How To Improve The Guns In Doom (2016) – Nathan Fouts We Can’t Fix The Internet – Gita Jackson Digital Foundry Retro: Shenmue – John…

IrrationalPod Ep. 301

We’re back, in a post-300 world, and more importantly: Scott tweeted.

The Monthly Passions Podcast: May 2016

Welcome back to The Monthly Passions Podcast!

Interview: John Romero

So Niall and I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with one of the co-founders of ID-Software, and all around awesome guy, John Romero.