The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel 2 -Relentless Edition Review

*Note: There will be spoilers for the first Trails of Cold Steel game, so be sure to finish that first before reading this! As an abridged review, this game is amazing and so is the first. Don’t do yourself a…

Possum Springs, USA

Let’s take a trip to Possum Springs.

Final Fantasy X – The Vita Experience

Is Final Fantasy X HD the perfect Vita experience?

Could Indie Games Save the PS Vita?

A guest post from Nadia Hyeong questions if the Vita’s saving grace is in the Indie community.

IrrationalPod: The Persona 4 Spoilercast

This is a lengthy podcast that we recorded about two weeks ago. Nabeshin and myself are joined by Travis, formerly of InDis, currently of Bro-ing Up Podcast, and Justin Graffius, all around JRPG lover, and personal Twitter buddy of my…