Top 5 Couples in Video Games

Skyrim Love

Oh Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, couples expressing their love for each other. It truly is a romantic time. As for me, I’m snowed in and single. So as I sit down and and play through my games I thought to myself about some of the cutest couples in games. Only in video games can you literally travel to the end of the world to be with the one you love.

Shepard <3 Cortez/Kaidan


Not many characters are willing to come out as gay. In this day in age, I’m proud for couples like Shepard and Cortez/Kaidan willing to come out and proclaim their love. While some people aren’t happy with his “lifestyle choice,” people gotta realize that it’s not that big of a deal. As of now, 15 of the 50 United States (as well as the District of Columbia) allow gay marriage. Fingers crossed the other galaxies and planets will soon allow it as well.

Catherine <3 Vincent <3 Katherine


This is by no means a simple relationship. Vincent, who is in a committed relationship with Katherine for five years, is contemplating marriage. Suddenly he comes across a woman named Catherine who shakes up his world. This causes him to have some second thoughts about where he’s going in life as he struggles to decide to be faithful to Katherine or leave her for the fun new girl, Catherine. The situation just causes Vincent to have some crazy, sheep-induced, puzzle nightmares. In the end, the decision on who you end up with is up to you.

Drake <3 Elana


Quick witted treasure hunter meets smart journalist during the shoot of a TV show. The adventures that they would go on over the next four years would bond these two forever. In case you don’t already know, Uncharted is known for its cinematic storytelling and this on screen couple has been an interesting one to watch. Even with an old flame, in the form of Chloe Frazer thrown into the mix in Uncharted 2, it was clear that Drake had his heart set on only one treasure.

Sim <3 Sim

Sims Couple

This is either the cutest couple or the most sadistic. There was that one time Sim and Sim went for a swim in the pool and Sim got out and took the ladder with her, leaving Sim to drown. To counteract, who can forget their first son and the journey of watching him grow up as Sim and Sim raised the perfect little Sim. Then again, there was that time that they let the house burn down, too. Sim and Sim probably have a more complicated relationship than Vincent did with Catherine.

Mario <3 Peach?

Mario Peach

One of the longest relationships in videogames, second being Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man who started dating in 1982. Mario and Peach have been together since 1981. At least as together as you can be for always being kidnapped. In case you were wondering about the question mark in the heading, Peach’s constant “kidnappings” spark another discussion. Is she really still in love with Mario, or is she purposely running off with Bowser? You figure she’s locked in a castle with him, after a while you get to know one another. Not to mention that anytime Mario and Peach go off to do activities like karting or sports, Bowser (Mario’s arch enemy) is always invited. While things seem fine on the surface, there’s always gossip about how real their relationship really is.




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