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Gone Home Review

Gone Home… How do I describe you? Gone Home isn’t a game. Period. What might amount to one – three hours of an interactive narrative is more of an interesting experience, one I think is worth having. Gone Home takes…

Joseph’s Top Five of 2012

When Alex asked me to pick a top ten games of 2012, I told him I could only do five even though the games didn’t have to be released in 2012… After careful deliberation, I still only came to five…

Amalur and Mass Effect DLC Crossover

Play game demos. Get free loot. Win-Win.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Interview

Hey everyone, Irrational Passions is proud to bring you this interview with Lead Game Designer of EDF: IA Jim Richardson.

Dead Space an Atmosphere

From the beginning Dead Space looked like it would be a promising release in the survival horror genre, and for the most part that statement held true. At every turn during development there were signs of,

Torchlight Review

Torchlight ~Joseph Torchlight a dungeon crawler that released in 2009 on the PC, and is finally having a go on consoles with its release on the Xbox 360. It’ll be available March 9th at around 1200 MS Points.

Fluid Review ~ AcesHigh

Quick note: I didn

Halo Reach Review ~ AcesHigh

Halo Reach is the fourth and last installment by the series