IPP440: Fall’s Games vs IP, Borderlands, Astral Chain, Control, and NPDs!

Scott W joins the team to dive into a ton of games, from Blasphemous to Control to Astral Chain. We also look at August’s NPDs and reflect on the year.

Input Ep. 91: Riot Workers Walk Out and Meltdown May Tweetstorm

This episode of Input has Jarrett and Jurge discuss a couple updates on stories covered on the show before. Unionizaiton, workers rights, and the USB drive saga continues. Randy Pitchford Saga Randy Pitchford Tweetstorms Game Informer Over ‘borderlands 3’ Microstransactions…

IPP418: Back from PAX, Sekiro’s Master craft, and Borderlands 3

We are back! Our week off while Alex was in Boston is over, and we talk about just how great Sekiro is, just what Nabeshin’s favorite 50 games are, and Scott runs off to celebrate a birthday.

Borderlands 3 – The Pros, Cons, and Questions Left Unanswered

As a longtime fan of the Borderlands series, I was rather ecstatic when I found out that Gearbox would be doing a panel at PAX East this year. Waiting in line for what felt like days, I ascended the escalator…

Games to Share on Valentine’s Day

Here are some fun games to play with your partner on Valentine’s day, or even by yourself regardless!

Billy’s Top Five of 2012

5.Trials Evolution Sometimes I just want to punish myself. Some people have games like Super Meat Boy or Dark Souls, I have Trials Evolution. I got hooked on the series with Trials HD and couldn’t wait for Evolution to release.…