Battlemode, the Multiplayer Mode in Doom Eternal, is a Certified Banger

The day I learned that Doom Eternal had a multiplayer mode was the day I walked into GameStop and purchased a physical copy. Oddly, I’d consumed a hell of a lot of Doom-related content up until that point, but none…

If Hell is a Place, it’s Where Doom Eternal’s Marauder Is

Doom Eternal is a very tough game. It makes absolutely no bones about how rapid and aggressive the demon menace will be. They spawn endlessly. They pursue you without relent. They pull no punches, and go for the kill every…

Doom Eternal is Best Played Slow and Steady

Doom Eternal is a video game about killing your outer demons. A follow up to 2016’s Game of the Year, Doom Eternal is, in every nearly every conceivable way, better than the first. Ripping and tearing hellspawn from other dimensions…

Input Ep. 57: Shout Outs – Call-Out Culture, Doom’s Weapons, and Japanese Game Preservation

Jurge and Jarrett are here for a all Shout Outs episode of Input! Shout Outs:  How To Improve The Guns In Doom (2016) – Nathan Fouts We Can’t Fix The Internet – Gita Jackson Digital Foundry Retro: Shenmue – John…

IrrationalPod Ep. 301

We’re back, in a post-300 world, and more importantly: Scott tweeted.

The Monthly Passions Podcast: May 2016

Welcome back to The Monthly Passions Podcast!

Interview: John Romero

So Niall and I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with one of the co-founders of ID-Software, and all around awesome guy, John Romero.