Scott White’s Top Non-RPG Games of 2019

2019 will be looked back fondly on, as the calm before the video game storm of 2020. A time before the Cyberpunk Gang joined forces with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Stans and destroyed the last bastions of the Legion…

Brian ‘Nabeshin’ Jackson’s Top Ten Games of 2019

2019 was a weird year for myself. It was the year I was in the longest video game funk I’ve ever been in. It’s not that I wasn’t necessary into games or anything since it’s my main form of entertainment…

IP Game of the Year 2019: Day 2 Best Moment or Sequence and Best Music

Irrational Passion’s GOTY 2019 continues! Wow. What a great collection of games has 2019 produced! Today’s categories will cover Best Moment or Sequence and Best Music. We will be debating to obtain one winner and two runner ups! Listen to our discussions…

Kingdom Hearts 3 SPOILERCAST

The moment has arrived! Kingdom Hearts 3 finally released and we’ve all played it an unhealthy amount! Join Alex, Mike, Scott and Justin as they talk everything Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts III Review

Does the finale to this story hold up? I’d say so.

IPP411: Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out. Everyone breath a sigh of relief: we’re here to talk about it.

Input Ep 78: What Happened to Gamestop?

Jarrett and Jurge are both gone for this week’s episode so Logan invited on the wonderful Cameron Abbott from KGN and also the amazing, talented, and brilliant Jessica Cogswell, who it just so happens is also the brand newest member…

Professor RPG: Kingdom Hearts 3 Late Game, Easy Level Trick

TRICK WORKING AS OF VERSION 1.02 This trick is MISSABLE and once you pass this part of the game, you will be UNABLE TO DO THE TRICK. **If your game begins to run at a lower framerate after doing this…

Professor RPG : Kingdom Hearts 3 Cover Investigation

Professor RPG here with a special investigation! This morning, Square Enix released the official box art for their biggest upcoming title, Kingdom Hearts 3. I found some interesting bits in the art, let me show them to you!   A)…

IrrationalPod Ep. 371 with Barrett Courtney

Barrett of IGN DOT com joins us to talk all about some VIDEO GAMES.

IrrationalPod Ep. 367 with Joe Ruffler

Joe Ruffler joins the team to get into, what else: Kingdom Hearts.