Alex O’Neill’s Top 10 Games of 2019

Yes, it’s way too many words because I don’t know how to be succinct.

Mike Burgess’ Top 10 Games of 2019

Honorable Mentions Hypnospace Outlaw This game is the biggest “I want to play this but keep getting sidetracked by life” game of 2019 for me. It’s just a cool Geocities or fake 90’s internet simulator that is replicating an era…

IP Game of the Year 2019: Day 2 Best Moment or Sequence and Best Music

Irrational Passion’s GOTY 2019 continues! Wow. What a great collection of games has 2019 produced! Today’s categories will cover Best Moment or Sequence and Best Music. We will be debating to obtain one winner and two runner ups! Listen to our discussions…

IPP450: Emotions in Life is Strange 2 and a Series X Conversation About The Game Awards

The crew gets reflective with Alex discussing Life is Strange 2, revisiting Path of Exile, and how The Game Awards landed.