IP @ PAX East 2019 – Interviews with Staff and PAX Vibes

The Irrational Passions editorial team went to Pax East 2019. For some its been many times and for others its fairly new. Hear each member of the teams takeaway on why this show is important to them and why its…

IPP419: Jedi Fallen Order, Sekiro, and GAME OF THRONES!!!

On this week’s show we dive deep on why Sekiro succeeds, the fondness we still share for Portal 2, and our favorite Final Fantasy songs.

The Messenger Picnic Panic DLC Video Preview with Alex & Moises

The Messenger from 2018 is getting DLC! New levels and bosses to fight! Alex is joined by Moises Taveras from OkBeast to talk about the demo they played at Pax as well as some stuff the devs showed to them…

Discussing Jazz and Puzzles in Kine – PAX East Interview With Gwen Frey

During PAX East, I was able to sit down with Gwen Frey, the sole developer of Kine. She is a veteran animator, having founded The Molasses Flood which is known for The Flame in the Flood¬†and has worked on BioShock:…

No Straight Roads Video Preview (Direct Feed Gameplay)

Mike got to the play No Straight Roads at Pax East 2019 and was kindly provided footage of the demo he played on the showfloor. checkout this direct feed footage. This is the debut title from developers Metronomik

IPP418: Back from PAX, Sekiro’s Master craft, and Borderlands 3

We are back! Our week off while Alex was in Boston is over, and we talk about just how great Sekiro is, just what Nabeshin’s favorite 50 games are, and Scott runs off to celebrate a birthday.

Creature in the Well Video Preview (Direct Feed Gameplay)

Mike got to the play Creature in the Well at Pax East 2019 and played through and captured the full demo! The game was a standout title for Mike at Pax and we cant wait to see the game once…

Sayonara Wild Hearts Video Preview with Jess & Jurge

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a rhythm game that breaks conventions and bursts with style and color! Jessica Howard and Jurge Cruz chat about their time playing it during Pax East.

Project Witchstone – The Game That Could Change the CRPG Genre As We Know It

One aspect that computer representations of tabletop RPGs (or CRPGS) have never been able to adopt from their tabletop variety cousins is the absolute freedom of choice that comes with playing that way. The ability for players to choose and…

Cyber Shadow Video Preview with Alex & Jarrett

Cyber Shadow is a fast paced action platformer where you play as a cybernetic ninja trying to avenge your fallen clan. Alex O’Neill & Jarrett Green both got hands on time with it, check out their thoughts in this video!

Bloodroots Video Preview with Jarrett & Logan

Jarrett Green and Logan Wilkinson played Bloodroots from Paper Cult Games. This fast paced, action packed, beat em up has impressed them again at it’s second Pax showing! The 2 discuss their thoughts on the demo on the show floor…

Heave-Ho Preview: A Multiplayer Game About Trust

Devolver Digital revealed a brand new party game at Pax East 2019 called Heave-Ho. This is a cooperative, physics-based puzzler for up to four players locally where you control a little face with arms protruding from each side that you…