God of War Ragnarök: Review Discussion

A *slightly* botched deep dive discussion into God of War 2018’s anticipated follow up.

Balan Wonderworld Review

The pitch for Balan Wonderworld sounds promising. Square Enix gave the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, Yuji Naka, a whole development team to make a new 3D platformer franchise. But the actual product rapidly becomes a slog of an adventure…

Fireside Chats: What Next Gen Looks Like Now

It’s been a many few weird months since January and the prospect of Next Gen first came together. Alex and Nabeshin sit down again, this time in a post Coronavirus, post spec reveal, we talk about what could be coming…

IPP443: We talk about PlayStation 5, Shadowkeep two weeks in, and Elden Ring Possibilities

In this week’s episode, Alex, Scott, and Tony dive into what the PlayStation 5 may be and how it’s being handled, and also reminisce on the Souls games and From Software.

IPP423: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, State of Play, and What Comes Next?

On this week’s show Scott White shares his excitement for the FF7 remake with talk of Persona 5, Cracks in Time, and more!

IPP420: PlayStation 5, Joker in Smash, and Your Silly Questions

The boys are back together to get lit, blaze it, talk games, be cool, and some other inappropriate reference when talking about Top 50 Games, PS5, and silly, silly questions.