Aneudys Top 5 Scariest Moments In Games

In the spirit of Halloween, what better way to celebrate than by running down my personal top five scary moments in gaming.

Jacob’s Top 5 Scariest Games

In the spirit of Halloween, what better way than to go over some of the games, and moments, that crippled me with fear?

Billy’s Top Five of 2012

5.Trials Evolution Sometimes I just want to punish myself. Some people have games like Super Meat Boy or Dark Souls, I have Trials Evolution. I got hooked on the series with Trials HD and couldn’t wait for Evolution to release.…

Irrational Passions Game of the Year Nominations

Hello Irrational Passionists! Alex here, just letting you know that our game of the year awards are coming up! On December 30th all five of us will be sitting down and recording our first annual GOTY show, we’ll be running…

Top 5 Worst VG Characters Part 1

Me and the Irrational Crew believe that there is something special to a great character in a video game. Whether your favorite be Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, Abe from Oddwolrd, or Dante from Devil May Cry, there is something…