Emily is Away Too Review

“Emily, who is Emily? My mother would say she’s everyone. Every girl, every boy, every person that anyone has ever loved” This beautiful and insightful quote opens Emily is Away Too. This is the first thing you see and this is…

PAX East Follow Ups: Flint Hook, Sundered, & Chasm

Alex makes the rounds on three of his most anticipated indie games coming this year.

The Gardens Between Preview: Unexpected beauty.
The Gardens Between is not the game I walked into the booth expecting it to be. It is not Brothers or Journey or any of the countless classic indie titles featuring a wordless narrative. This game isn't a beautiful take…
Emily is Away Too Preview: A return to heartbreak, young love, and ridin dirty
The original Emily is Away is a game that beautifully places you back in the world of your youth. Of the days of when you first fell in love, of the bittersweet nature of high school romances. I adore Emily…
ODOS: Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

Visual novels have never looked this good.

Column: The Ambiguous Ending

Video game developers are capable of telling innovative, revolutionary, and groundbreaking stories. Stories that capture the heart, light one’s imagination, and dazzle the mind. When done well, games and the stories they tell rank right alongside the very best and…

PSX 2016: Sundered Preview

Thunder Lotus brings another hand-drawn game to the mix.

IrrationalPod Ep. 303

Let’s deep dive into hot chips and Owlboys.

Flint Hook Preview: You Had me at “Hook”

Metroid + Pirates = buccaneering adventures.

Death’s Gambit Preview: That Good Feeling

Death’s Gambit feels real damn good.

Monthly Passions: August 2015

Almost a month late, but hey, we got games to talk about and play!

Secret Ponchos Hands-On Preview

Secret Ponchos has such an interesting look all its own that, to me, is very reminiscent of Jamie Hewlett’s work on Tank Girl and The Gorillaz. This immediately drew me in to what is probably the oddest genre bender I’ve…