VGBC : Batman: Arkham Asylum Episode 1

Each month, members of Irrational Passions will play through a new game. From modern to retro, obscure to popular, games we’ve played and those we haven’t, we will be hitting checkpoints as we go, sharing our experiences. Play along and…

Opinion: Why Bringing Back Tales of Vesperia is Important

Tales of Vesperia is a little game from 2008 that I feel not a lot of people played. Mostly because no one seems to talk about it or are reacting to it having an actual and very important stage presence…

Input Ep. 38 – The Status of Hanger 13 and PlayStation Rumors and Reporting

We also talk about Billy Mitchell in this episode. I’m sorry. Discussion Topics:  The Status of Hanger 13 PlayStation 5 Rumors and Actual Reporting Dungeons and Dragon’s up for More Licencing Billy Mitchell: The Final Chapter ? Works Mentioned: Billy…

IrrationalPod Ep. 354 with Geoff Chorney

A perspective show that dives deep and cuts deeper.

Editorial: Who Really Took E3 2017?

Alex gives his two cents on how he felt the big three did at E3, from what they showed, to what they didn’t.

Alex’s E3 2017 Predictions

Alex gets to share his thoughts and feelings on the upcoming Electronic 3.

Alex’s E3 2016 Predictions

Here is what I think is gonna happen, and I’m probably wrong.

IrrationalPod Ep. 241

Jon Anderson is here to deliver! Oh, and he delivers.

Microsoft: Primed and Ready

Microsoft has set themselves up for a huge success come this June. With the Xbox One reaching parity price with the Playstation 4, all they need is another software push to really drive home how serious they are about games.

Project Spark Insight

Independent development has produced a stunning surge within the past few years to the point where the masses are craving indie titles. Creativity and ingenuity is at the threshold in the game industry, but Microsoft seemed to be reluctant for…

Is Next-Gen the Coming of the Digital Age?

We are less than two weeks away from the arrival of the PS4 and next-gen gaming. Next-gen will usher in a new era featuring souped up graphics, new IPs, and renewed flame wars about which console is better. One thing…

Morning After: E3 2013 Pressers

Man, this year’s banquet of press conferences really told us, as consumers, how big a deal $100 and transparency is.