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Host of 2-Player Co-op Shares his top 10 games of 2017.

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Quinten Hoffman is the creator and host extraordinaire of the Break in Reality website.  Hello. I am Quinten Hoffman of Break in Reality. I run the Break in Reality podcasts, and website. I often describe myself as someone who is willing…

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Seth is a freelancer of many talents. On top of being the Weekend Editor of IGN, he is a contributor to The Hard Drive, a tech culture satire site, and the creator of his own satire blog, New Maine News.…

Caitlin Galiz-Rowe’s Top 10 Games of 2017

Caitlin is the creator and sole contributor of Your Geeky Gal Pal, a pop culture blog that mostly focuses on video games and how queer stuff fits into them. When she’s not at her office job, playing games, or writing…