Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review

A lot of people like to theorized that JRPGs exist for the sole purpose of making anime video games. That’s a lie, I think only two people have ever said that, but if ever there was a true video game…

Malicious Review

Malicious was one of those PSN games that came out in Japan quite a while ago and because of critical success, is seeing the light of day stateside. Ends up, there was good reason behind that critical success; Alvion’s Malicious…

SSX Review

SSX has always been more accessible to the general public than other sports-based games, like Madden or FIFA, because it goes beyond realistically simulating the sport. SSX merged “extreme snowboarding” with gaming, including power-ups, absurd tracks, and unreal characters with…

Sine Mora Review

Side-scrolling shooters, more commonly known as shoot’em-ups, or shmups, all seem to have a few things in common. They all give you a good kick in the ass, they all have crazy things on screen, and they all usually feel…

Moon Diver Review

Moon Diver is the latest from the development studio feelplus, and was headed up and directed by Koichi Yotsui, the lead planner behind the original Strider. Some say this is the spiritual successor to Strider, as it takes on the…

Swarm: Nega-Review

So there is a little problem with the Swarm review. The problem is, I can’t exactly review it. There is a big glitch in the Xbox360 version of the game that is pretty much preventing me from completing the game.

Torchlight Review

Torchlight ~Joseph Torchlight a dungeon crawler that released in 2009 on the PC, and is finally having a go on consoles with its release on the Xbox 360. It’ll be available March 9th at around 1200 MS Points.

Fluid Review ~ AcesHigh

Quick note: I didn

Halo Reach Review ~ AcesHigh

Halo Reach is the fourth and last installment by the series