IPP428: The Top 10 Headlines from E3 2019

This week recounts E3 with the biggest headlines, with big talks about Breath of the Wild 2, Scarlett, and Final Fantasy 7! Oh, and we get kind of into it when trying to settle some bets.

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Alex shares his favorite games from 2017.

Input Ep. 6: “2017’s Japanese Game Renaissance”
On this week's episode we spend the entire show discussing the resurgence of Japanese games this year. From what has lead to the resurgence, to the inspirations they are pulling from, to the cultural and socio-political reasons for the rise,…
IrrationalPod Ep. 321 with Dustin Furman

We dive all the way in on Zelda and Mass Effect with special guest: Dustin Furman!

Three Stories in Breath of the Wild

Alex shares three of his small stories in his first 10 hours with Breath of the Wild.