Call of Duty In Review: World At War

Alex and Logan step into the bizarre, baffling, and soul crushing tale of Call of Duty: World at War in this In Review episode. Join the boys as they fight through never-ending waves of enemies, sparse checkpoints, and people above the trenches…

IPP435: Alex and Scott Talk Shop

In a very ‘fireside chat’ episode, Alex and Scott talk about some games!

IPP434: Summertime Vibes Part 5 with Evo, Call of Duty, and Jarrett Green

Topics on this week’s podcast include League of Legends changes, PC gaming, the ESA making a massive error, and Jarrett Green talking about wrestling.

Input Ep. 96: Employees Suffer Toxic Conditions While working on Black Ops 4

Jurge and Logan discuss Jason Schreier’s piece on the tumultuous, chaotic, and toxic development on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the emotional toll it took on many freelance and contracted employees. Topics Discussed:  The toxic cost behind Black…

IPP426: E3 2019 Predictions! Modern Warfare! Death Stranding!

It’s that Pre-E3 season and the love of video games is in the air. This week the hosts talk predictions, Death Stranding, and more.

Input Ep. 43 : How to Get Free V- Bucks, Call of Duty Won’t Have Single Player, Steam removes Visual Novels.

All three of the boys are back together for the first time in nearly a month as they catch you up on the biggest stories of the past week. Topics of Discussion:  Fornite Currency Scams Call of Duty Black Ops…

Opinion: Black Ops 3 Doesn’t Change Enough

I know, a very OUT THERE and out-of-left-field opinion, I’m sure.

IrrationalPod Ep. 177

A great podcast for your listening ears!

A Little Story Never Hurt

Distress consumes your conscious; a fine line faded between the flurry of misfortunes. Perseverance, the trait that determines life and death, casually drifts to the back corridors of your mind because you’ve come too far. Too far to submit to…

Throwback Thursday: Yearly Franchises

History is taught with intentions to prevent similar tragedies from occurring again. But once one title was able to successfully begin a yearly cycle, it was too tempting not to repeat history. It began as something innocent, a way to…

The Multiplayer Choice

The trifecta of Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Titanfall loom on the horizon. All three of these titles have one thing in common: they’re all multiplayer focused.