Young Souls Preview

Young Souls was one that jumped out to me, visually, right from the get go. It has a vibe that almost reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, obviously with a different artstyle. In execution, the game I saw is channeling that…

Three Stories in Breath of the Wild

Alex shares three of his small stories in his first 10 hours with Breath of the Wild.

IrrationalPod Ep. 108

We are VERY SORRY about a second late show in a row! This time it wasn’t any problems in the edit, but people didn’t get me their audio very quickly, and then a lot of traveling involved in Thanksgiving, so…

3DS Shenanigans

Yeah guys, the 3DS is available in North America as of tonight, and we have it! We took some videos and there all up on our new Youtube channel:

Nintendo 3DS: An Outsider's Perspective

Now, as much as I wish I could, I just can’t go up to New York and play some 3DS in person. This is more of a breakdown of everything we’ve learned, and my perspective, as an outsider looking in.…