Patch Notes 2.01 – New Year, New Games, Same Fantasy League

Its a new year! And so with it a new season of Patch Notes! Alex and Nabeshin sit down to discuss various topics across the video games space, their favorite games, or just whatever they want to talk about at the time.

Patch Notes 1.04: Returning to Samus

Alex got to sit and chat with his good buddy Nabeshin through the ups and downs of the series, where Metroid Other M is today in 2021, and also how Metroid Dread stacks up (spoilers: it’s the best one).

A Trip To Nintendoland Pilot Episode

Join us on a trip to Nintendoland! Your monthly source for Nintendo News and games chat from! Spotify PocketCasts iTunes (coming soon) In this pilot episode Mike Burgess, video producer, and Alex O Neill, editor-in-chief, are joined by guests AJ…

IPP457: Keighley Leaving E3, Project XCloud Impressions, and Anime

When Nabeshin is often being a birthday boy, Tony, Alex, and Scott get up to shenanigans with E3 speculation, XCloud talk, and weird anime games.

Brian ‘Nabeshin’ Jackson’s Top Ten Games of 2019

2019 was a weird year for myself. It was the year I was in the longest video game funk I’ve ever been in. It’s not that I wasn’t necessary into games or anything since it’s my main form of entertainment…

IP Presents: Alex’s Gaming History

Alex and Nabeshin talk Alex’s gaming history!

IPP440: Fall’s Games vs IP, Borderlands, Astral Chain, Control, and NPDs!

Scott W joins the team to dive into a ton of games, from Blasphemous to Control to Astral Chain. We also look at August’s NPDs and reflect on the year.

Input Ep.104 : Game Informer Hit By Layoffs and Conflict Mineral Story Update

Jurge is still missing in the cornfields of Nebraska but Jarrett and Logan digest the heavy Game Informer layoffs and what they mean for both GI and Gamestop as a whole. After that the two run through a new update…

Call of Duty In Review: World At War

Alex and Logan step into the bizarre, baffling, and soul crushing tale of Call of Duty: World at War in this In Review episode. Join the boys as they fight through never-ending waves of enemies, sparse checkpoints, and people above the trenches…

Input Ep. 103: RockStar Lincoln Update and the utter ineptness of the ESA.

Jurge is still on his month long work vacation, so Jarrett and Logan dive into a updates heavy episode as they talk Rockstar Lincoln’s workplace actually improving things for employees and the ESA being an utter joke….yet again. Works Mentioned: …

IPP434: Summertime Vibes Part 5 with Evo, Call of Duty, and Jarrett Green

Topics on this week’s podcast include League of Legends changes, PC gaming, the ESA making a massive error, and Jarrett Green talking about wrestling.

Input Ep. 101: Turmoil at Echo Fox

Jarrett and Logan discuss the ongoing tumult at Echo Fox and the seeming mustache twirling villain at its center. Discussion Topics: Echo Fox Backroom drama Works Mentioned: Rick Fox Accuses Fellow Esports Organization Investor Of Trying To ‘Engineer A Firesale’…