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IrrationalPod Ep. 200

By Alex O'Neill, October 21, 2014 0 IrrationalPod, Live Show, Podcast

Download: iTunes Feed RSS Feed MP3 Direct Download Shownotes: Not really going to have shownotes here, because we didn’t do a normal show! It’s Ep. 200 so we all got together, did a live show (that didn’t really work), played… Read More »

IrrationalPod Ep. 199

By Alex O'Neill, October 14, 2014 0 IrrationalPod, Podcast

Video games! Podcasts! Almost at 200?! We are very excited.

By Jarrett Green, October 14, 2014 0 , ,

Casting long shadows.

By Team Irrational Passions, October 11, 2014 0 Monthly Passions

More months, more passions! This time we are adding guest-passions from talented friends/writers!

By Alex O'Neill, October 10, 2014 Comments Off MaliciousPod, Podcast

Hey it’s that podcast we do about anime.

By Alex O'Neill, October 7, 2014 Comments Off IrrationalPod, Podcast

We have writer-fighter and news-desk master Jarrett Green on this week!

By Alex O'Neill, October 4, 2014 Comments Off IrrationalPod, Podcast

Video games! Everyone is super tired!

By Alex O'Neill, September 26, 2014 Comments Off IrrationalPod, Podcast

Let’s talk about the latest video games! Destiny, Sims, Alex being asleep.

By Jarrett Green, September 24, 2014 0 , ,

Space Madness.

By Jarrett Green, September 23, 2014 Comments Off Ramblet

This Ramblet features Chris Wagar of Gather Your Party and his article “Tripping on Air: Why Game Journalists Can’t Describe Games”. Spawned by an article written dissing Super Smash Bros. fans, Chris waxes poetic about a general inability to accurately… Read More »

By Alex O'Neill, September 18, 2014 0

The latest entry in Bandai’s Tales franchise and a sequel to last year’s Tales of Xillia.

By Alex O'Neill, September 16, 2014 Comments Off IrrationalPod, Podcast

Alex vanishes in this week’s Irrational Passions Podcast.