Firesite Chats: Games That Speak to Our Soul

Once again it’s time to join two friends by the fireside, this time to discuss those special games that speak to our very soul.

Liberated Review Discussion

Review Discussions are an initiative to talk past or beyond a review or in place of a written/video review in a more timely manner. They’re an interview-style discussion hoping to discuss specific aspects of the game in question that may…

IPP469: Preparing for the PS5

The Quarantine continues, and so do some old games.

If Found… Review

It’s what appears to be the end of the world, a black hole will soon devour Earth. At the same time, a young woman by the name of Kasio is returning to her small home off the coast of Ireland.…

Memories of Zelda – A Trip To Nintendoland Presents….

Welcome to the second episode of A Trip to Nintendoland and the first ever A Trip to Nintendoland Presents… episode! In these specials, Mike sits down with a guest to talk about a specific aspect of Nintendo and discuss why…

IPP468: Revisiting the Classics

This week Scott White joins up with the gang and we revisit some old games in Quarantine.

To the 1969 Datsun Fairlady Z

 Everyone has a favorite car. Whether they want to admit it or not, it’s true. For some, it may be something classic like a 1968 Ford Mustang or even something iconic like the DeLorean from the Back to the…

IPP467: Revisiting the Classics

We get all kinds of loosey goosey this week and dive into Kingdom Hearts, Grand Cross, Sonic Heroes, ya know, the classics!

Signs of the Sojourner Turns Deckbuilding Into Dialogue

Signs of the Sojourner isn’t scared of being a deck-builder in the scariest year in recent memory. Besides all that other stuff going on, the genre isn’t new or novel on the simple strength of it’s mechanics anymore. Developer Echodog…

IPP466: Reflecting on Kingdom Hearts 1, Sonic Heroes, and Final Fantasy 13

Jarrett joins a lonely Alex & Nabeshin for a podcast that goes off the rails just about right away. Sonic is there, he’s rude, and also Lightning and Hope from Final Fantasy 13. I’m telling you, it gets weird.

Fireside Chats: Persona 5 The Royal Spoiler Conversation feat. Barrett Courtney

Alex & Nabeshin are joined by good friend and confidant, Barrett Courtney, to discuss all the ins and outs of how Royal improves Persona 5. Direct Download Spotify Apple Podcasts The conversation starts non-spoilery, spoiler timestamp below. 35:20 – Spoiler…

Streets of Rage 4 Proved This Hater Wrong

When the unexpected announcement that Streets of Rage 4 would be a thing that would exist got out, it would’ve been 24 years since a new Streets of Rage game released. Somehow, this then major SEGA franchise had laid dormant…