IPP422: Reflecting on Hellblade, Persona, and Star Wars

This week the gang talks about old games, how they make us feel, changing our names, and Personaaaaaa!

World of Horror Preview

World of Horror is an adventure-horror game with a presentation inspired by the works of Junji Ito that I was able to play an early build of. Listen to my preview of…

Video Game Book Club : Bioshock 2 – Episode 1

Each month, members of Irrational Passions will play through a new game. From modern to retro, obscure to popular, games we’ve played and those we haven’t, we will be hitting checkpoints as we go, sharing our experiences. Play along and…

Input Ep. 90 Riot Games Sued For Discrimination by Former and Current Staff.

Jarrett and Logan dive into the unspooling story involving former and current employees of Riot Games suing the company for gender discrimination, alongside the threats of walking out if nothing is changed, and Riot’s actions and statements in response. Topics…

Super Dragonball Heroes: World Mission Review

Released in Japanese back in November of 2010, Dragonball Heroes has become a rather popular series of card-based tiles in the arcades. Spawning numerous updates and a quasi-sequel title with Super Dragonball Heroes, it has always been a game I’ve…

Beat Cop Review Discussion

Content Warning: This discussion includes the topics of race, the use of racist behavior, racist terminology and violence. Review Discussions are a new initiative to talk past or beyond a review or in place of a written/video review in a more…

Our Top 50 Games Discussion

Nabeshin & Alex get in on their Top 50 games and explain their thought process.

Indie Highlights April 2019: Mechstermination Force, Forager, Katana Zero

Indie Highlights is a video series where we’ll highlight awesome Indie games we’re playing or you might have missed and are worth checking out These are our picks for April 2019! By: Scott White (@SolidSnake120 #IndieGames #IndieHighlights #gaming #indiegames Games…

IPP421: Persona 5 Royal, SteamWorld Quest, & March NPDs

Mike comes on to talk SteamWorld Dig, Persona 5 The Royal, show how little trivia the team knows, and get way into The Gathering of Magic.

IP @ PAX East 2019 – Interviews with Staff and PAX Vibes

The Irrational Passions editorial team went to Pax East 2019. For some its been many times and for others its fairly new. Hear each member of the teams takeaway on why this show is important to them and why its…

Input Ep. 89: Filip Miucin Apologizes

Jarrett and Logan think over the recent videos by Filip Miucin finally apologizing for the plagiarism scandal that engulfed him last year and discuss forgiveness, moving on, and where he goes next. Topics Discussed:  Filip Miucin Apology Videos Works Mentioned: …

SteamWorld Quest Video Review

In the latest entry to the SteamWorld franchise, SteamWorld Quest drops the cowboy hats and pickaxes in exchange for some wizard hats and swords. Image & Form once again take a stab at a new genre as they have with…

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Video Game Book Club : Bioshock 2 – Episode 1
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