Ranking the Hades Gods!

With everyone being horny for the Gods in Hades, Quin Hoffman holds an official panel with two esteemed guests to determine which God is the most attractive and who also provides the best abilities in the game. He is joined…

IP Podcast 483: Genshin Impact and Hades

Finally, anime is here to liberate us of our woes, and also Alex of his Wisdom Teeth. Download: Apple Podcasts — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download Audio Version Timestamps: 01:36 – Housekeeping & Intro 03:38 –…

A Fold Apart Review Discussion feat. Monti Velez

Review Discussions are an initiative to talk past or beyond a review or in place of a written/video review in a more timely manner. They’re an interview-style discussion hoping to discuss specific aspects of the game in question that may…

Trip to Nintendoland Episode 4- We’re Back! Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Indies on Switch, Hyrule Warriors

Join us on a trip to Nintendoland! Your monthly source for Nintendo News and games chat from IrrationalPassions.com! In this episode, Mike & Alex return from a bit of a hiatus! We talk about the recent Nintendo Partner Showcase announcements, Super…


Our long time in quarantine just made so much easier by Spelunky 2.

IPP481: Finally Someone Gives a Price

We’re on a collision course with finally knowing console prices and we’re pretty excited about it. This week: Series S, Mario Golf, Sly Cooper, The PS5 Releas

IPP480: Kamala Saves The Avengers

The gang’s back together and boy if Alan Wake can escape the dark place then we’ll make it out of quarantine someday.

IPP479: Alan Wake Makes a Comeback

Nabeshin is away on business so Alex, Tony, and Scott just get way deep into flight simulators. Oh, and Alan Wake.

IP Presents: This Generation’s Approach to Exclusives

Alex and Nabeshin are back together to chat about a new topic: exclusives. Specifically the turmoil of how they’ve both found themselves feeling about many of Sony’s first party offerings this generation. 

Mortal Shell’s Combat Proves It Isn’t a Souls-like Husk

Most “Souls-likes,” games that resemble 2011’s seminal action RPG Dark Souls, do their best not to resemble From Software’s runaway hit at all. The most notable ones add a lot of color and a sci-fi setting or make it 2D…

IPP478: Next Gen Consoles will Never Get Prices

GameCube games with friends and in-the-moment reactions to the latest from DC FanDome.