Thank Yous and Goodbyes

Hi, friends! Long time no see, huh? I guess the first thing I’d like to say is I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday morning. I hope you’re drinking something warm, wearing something…

Fireside with Alex & Nabeshin: 2020 & Next Gen Predictions

Let’s make a fool of ourselves with some wild predictions.

IPP456: Thank You Justin

Time to thank a friend, talk some games, and have some fun.

Simulacra 2 Makes Social Media An Actual Nightmare

  Listen to this article: Spotify | iTunes | Download – Social media is hell. I say this not as a curmudgeonly old man, but as a mid-twenty something who a big portion of their income to afford actual food…

Fireside With Alex & Nabeshin: The Last Decade in Video Games Part 2

Once again Alex and Nabeshin reconvene to look ahead at the coming ten years in video games.

Fireside With Alex & Nabeshin: The Last Decade in Video Games Part 1

Alex O’Neill (that’s me) is joined by his full time podcast partner Brian ‘Nabeshin’ Jackson (@Nabeshin186) for the first part in a two part conversation reflecting on the last 10 years and generations of video games. Direct Download Spotify Apple…

IPP455: We Have A PAX East Panel!

Scott White joins the usual team to discuss our upcoming PAX Panel and of course, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Alex O’Neill’s Top 10 Games of 2019

Yes, it’s way too many words because I don’t know how to be succinct.

Jarrett Green’s Required Reading of 2019

I resist this wholesale idea that 2019 wasn’t an inspired year for games. In fact, this has been an incredibly strange year for games that promises to have long lasting repercussions into the next gen and beyond. There was no…

Jurge Cruz’s Favorite Games of 2019

Jurge Cruz-Alvarez is Irrational Passions Senior and Social Media editor. He’s been with the site for like three and a half years. That’s a long time!

Scott White’s Top Non-RPG Games of 2019

2019 will be looked back fondly on, as the calm before the video game storm of 2020. A time before the Cyberpunk Gang joined forces with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Stans and destroyed the last bastions of the Legion…

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