Morning After: PAX East 2013

Now, I know this is technically going out a couple days after PAX has wrapped up, but I’ve needed to stew on it for a few days as this is covering a three-day event, not my normal one-day event Morning…

PS4 Morning After: Long Road Ahead

I haven’t done a morning after in quite a long time, and the last time around, it was about 3DS. But there is a time and a place, and that is now. Next generation consoles, the Playstation 4. They’re happening,…

Editorial: Microsoft’s Pilot Program Needs Work

The idea of buying a $99 Xbox 360 is great, but there is no value in the contract if it gives the customer nothing over time. The program needs work, so here are some suggestions.

Modern Warfare vs. Battlefield

Let’s see how these two shooters hold up against one another.

Dead Space an Atmosphere

From the beginning Dead Space looked like it would be a promising release in the survival horror genre, and for the most part that statement held true. At every turn during development there were signs of,