Editorial: Xbox One – Stagnation Before Innovation

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  1. jb227 says:

    you say that you are for the original xbox one’s “features” and that they could be good, but why? I didn’t really read any points where any of these features would be a boon for the consumer, or anything other than a hindrance really….the idea of creating a system for digital license transfers is the only thing i’ve read here that could be considered a plus, but we never really got the particulars of that and why that would benefit us…would we actually see money for the selling of used games, or would we get a couple microsoft points? Ultimately, i would guarantee we’d make more through selling a physical copy at the store, and we hardly get anything there…..people have been touting what could have been after these features had the chance to sink in and evolve, but the fact of the matter is that these features would more than likely go the other way, slowly becoming even more anti consumer, because why on earth would a business like microsoft with a track record of pushing buggy and flawed software and experiences ever do anything to put money in our pockets over putting it in their own? The whole family game sharing thing has now been proven to have been a glorified demo program, that we aren’t truly able to play full games, only 15 min.- 1 hour of these games, this was a feature that many people praised microsoft for, another feature that they tried to pull the wool over consumers eyes on, basically outright stating that we could play full games, when the truth was anything but that…..there are companies that i would personally trust to utilize and expand business models like these that could benefit us, and microsoft is most definitely at the top of the list as not one of those

    1. Alex says:

      My point was that if we shut down any kind of new idea that is trying to innovate before we can experience it and actual make a critical analysis ourselves, then we are stagnating innovation before it can happen. We need to try these new things, and allow companies to experiment, because otherwise we won’t be able to find any other way around it. If the Xbox One had come out and all of its features had been horrible, the same outcry would have happened, except even worse, and MS probably would have pushed through this patch to remove the DRM. At least at that point, we could say for sure one way or the other.