Dangerous Driving Review Discussion

Review Discussions are an initiative to talk past or beyond a review or in place of a written/video review in a more timely manner. They’re an interview-style discussion hoping to discuss specific aspects of the game in question that may…

AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet Interview – A Pricy Prospect of Arcade Goodness

As arcades have begun shuttering their windows and closing their doors across the United States it’s becoming increasingly harder to find those classic titles. Due to this a new market which is focused around bringing those games into the home…

Killer Queen Black Preview

Myself, along with the other members of Irrational Passions got to talk with some of the developers from the console and PC version port of the popular arcade hit, Killer Queen Black. Let me tell you right now, this game…

Streets of Rage 4 Preview

A follow up coming years later from a new studio… How does it stack up?

IrrationalPod Ep. 87

Pre-PAX East dinner discussions.