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MaliciousPod X Ep. 20

Something something anime.

Sniper Elite III Preview: Sneaky Sniper

Sniper Elite III has a new emphasis on creating your own sniper/assassin experience. Sniper Elite III takes place on the African front during World War II where you play as Karl Fairburne, an American OSS agent behind enemy lines.

MaliciousPodX Ep. 11

It’s that time of the month again. Time for more “interesting” and “alright I guess.”

MaliciousPod X Ep. 8

Because we completely missed last month (sorta) we’re actually putting out a show this time!

MaliciousPod X Ep. 7

More anime for those of you that love it.

Greg Blaney’s Top 10 of 2013

Our very own Greg Blaney is ready to spill the beans on his favorite games of 2013.

MaliciousPodX Ep. 6

We are back with some School Rumble action!

MaliciousPod X Ep. 5

I swear, we’re only a few weeks late. Or maybe a whole month late. You know what, whose counting?

MUP X Ep. 4

This extremely late-to-be-posted show is finally here, and don’t worry, Ep. 5 is on it’s way too.

MaliciousPodX Ep. 3

It’s a new month which means it’s a new episode! This is episode 3 for the month of July! (Sorry we’re late!)

MaliciousPod Ep. 2 June 2013

We are back for the month of June to fill you with your anime delights!

War Thunder Preview

As you may know from the podcast I am a big flying game fan. Games like Warhawk, Starhawk, Ace Combat and Tom Clancy H.A.W.X are all some of my favorites. But there is a new game on the horizon that…