Coffee Talk Co-Writer Interview: A PAX East Discussion with Kris Antoni

At PAX East 2020, Editor Jurge Cruz got to sit down and chat with Kris Antoni, Studio Director and Co-Writer on the narrative driven game Coffee Talk. – Subscribe: iTunes – Google Play – Spotify – Download – In Coffee Talk you play as…

Mutazione – First 15 Minutes

Mutazione is a beautiful narrative driven indie by the developers of Sportsfriends, Die Gute Fabrik. Learn more, Game provided by a PR representative of the game.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Review

In 2015, developer Supermassive Games’ surprised audiences with their tribute to cheesy horror movies, Until Dawn. Its branching story, cliche but likeable characters, and a deep understanding of the language of the genre has made it a modern horror game…

Away: Journey to the Unexpected Review

Upon starting Away: Journey to the Unexpected, I learned something new about myself: there are few things I find more exciting than walking into something with absolutely zero expectations. Apart from a trailer I vaguely recalled watching at least a…

Kingdom Hearts III Review

Does the finale to this story hold up? I’d say so.

Input Ep. 59: Shout Outs Episode – A Kill Screen Memorial

It’s that time of the month, the time where there’s not a whole lot happening in terms of news and so here we are with some shout outs! This time we have a fun spin and resource for those shout…

VGBC : Batman: Arkham Asylum Episode 1

Each month, members of Irrational Passions will play through a new game. From modern to retro, obscure to popular, games we’ve played and those we haven’t, we will be hitting checkpoints as we go, sharing our experiences. Play along and…

Narcosis Review

The base of the ocean is large and brimming with life, but it’s an ecosystem we don’t frequent as people, at least I’m certainly not taking trips down there. Because of that much, it can at times feel like a…

Jurassic World: Evolution Review

For those who grew up with dream of running their own Jurassic Park or just wanted a well put together Jurassic Park video game, Frontier Development’s Jurassic World: Evolution is a solid realization of that dream and perhaps the best…

Proteus: A Beautiful, Poignant Experience

Niall peaks into what Proteus is, and what the experience meant to him.

IrrationalPod Ep. 68

We podcast because you listen. (Hopefully)

IrrationalPod Ep. 61

This week we interview a friend of the podcast: Danny Wiessner, the man who wrote our intro songs!