Patch Notes 2.01 – New Year, New Games, Same Fantasy League

Its a new year! And so with it a new season of Patch Notes! Alex and Nabeshin sit down to discuss various topics across the video games space, their favorite games, or just whatever they want to talk about at the time.

Scott’s Games of the Year – 2018

  2018 has come and gone and left us with some great titles that will be talked about for years to come. Before we get into my list proper, here are some quick mentions.   Honorable Mentions: Red Dead Redemption…

Logan Wilkinson’s Top 10 Games of 2018

Well, 2018 sure has been a year, huh? I think to say that this year has been rough for a lot of people is maybe an understatement. Unquestionably, it’s been more challenging than many would have hoped for last January.…

Alex O’Neill’s Games of the Year

Get your feels ready, because you know I’m bringing it.

Mike Burgess’ Games of the Year

Honorable Mention/ Games I liked but didn’t finish in time: Dragon Quest XI I’m currently sitting at the 60-hour mark on DQXI at the time of writing this. I love a lot of it, however, Dragon Quest XI wears its…

Jarrett Green’s Games of the Year

I’d be lying to you if I told you I felt up to ranking the best games that came out this year the way we, and everyone on the internet, tend to do annually. I played a shit load of…

God of War Review

How does digging up Kratos past hold up?

IrrationalPod Ep. 378 with Blessing Adeoye

A mighty congrats to our friends at OKBeast! Blessing joins us to talk God of War, the state of games, and E3 leaks!

IrrationalPod Ep. 377

Another week, another podcast. This time with GOATs in it.

Input Ep. 40 Seamus Mullins All Shoutouts Extravaganza

Logan and Jarrett are joined by the lovely, wonderful, and delightfully Australian Seamus Mullins (@SeamusMullins ) to give shoutouts to the boys favorite writings and features of the past week. Shoutouts: God of War’s Kratos was an angry lump of muscle.…

Kratos the Literary Device

A lot has been made of Kratos’ glow up from raging barbarian anti-hero, to remorseful demi-father, and for good reason. The worse things about the God of War franchise always centered around finding justification in a completely unjustifiable man. Maybe…

IrrationalPod Ep. 375

Download: iTunes — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download The Bullets: 01:19 – Housekeeping 03:28 – Tony’s Games 24:24 – Nabeshin’s Games 36:00 – Alex’s Games and 4K ventures 50:03 – God of War talk 1:17:05 –…