IPP426: E3 2019 Predictions! Modern Warfare! Death Stranding!

It’s that Pre-E3 season and the love of video games is in the air. This week the hosts talk predictions, Death Stranding, and more.

Indie Highlights April 2019: Mechstermination Force, Forager, Katana Zero

Indie Highlights is a video series where we’ll highlight awesome Indie games we’re playing or you might have missed and are worth checking out These are our picks for April 2019! By: Scott White (@SolidSnake120 #IndieGames #IndieHighlights #gaming #indiegames Games…

SteamWorld Quest Video Review

In the latest entry to the SteamWorld franchise, SteamWorld Quest drops the cowboy hats and pickaxes in exchange for some wizard hats and swords. Image & Form once again take a stab at a new genre as they have with…

IPP417: Sekiro, Stadia, Cuphead, Persona 5 The Royal, and a Battle Pass!

Time to talk the big topics: what do we think of Google Stadia? Who was the mysterious female revealed with Persona 5 The Royal? How much like Souls or Bloodborne is Sekiro? All these have answers and more!

Input Ep. 83: Nintendo Indie Scene, Gotham City is bad? and shoutouts galore

Jarrett, Logan, and the lovely Professor RPG himself Scott White sit down for a shoutouts episode fun ride as they discuss an update to last week’s Anthem storyline, discuss the state of the Indie scene on the Switch, and hear…

IPP414: Anthem, EA, and Early Access w/ Alex Van Aken & Brandt Ranj

OKB’s Alex Van Aken and BI’s Brandt Ranj join the IPP crew to talk the ups and downs of Anthem, Reggie retiring, and best villains.

Tetris 99 is the Future We Didn’t Ask For

Tetris 99 is batshit. After February 13th’s Nintendo Direct revealed yet another re-purposing and re-imagining of Tetris, I was left incredulous. It’s not that the idea is, in and of itself, a bad one. Tetris has been a competitive game…

IPP413: Layoffs, Tetris Battle Royale and Anthem with Jake Palmer

Jacob Palmer joins the crew to talk Anthem, video games that made Alex cry (Kingdom Hearts) and the latest Nintendo Direct!

Tales of Vesperia 10 Years Later

In this critical feature, Alex tales about the return of one of his favorite games with additional content.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Video Review

After 9 years the legendary assassin Travis Touchdown returns in the aptly named Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. With his trusty beam katana in hand you embark on another wild, overly stylish and ridiculous action game from the mind…

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition

There are whispers on the wind that your fellow hunters have been called to a besieged city only to never return. That demons, monsters, and creatures that send shivers down your spine have ransacked and terrorized those still holed up…

Podcast Ultimate Episode 2

Podcast Ultimate is where 3 fine folks from irrationalpassions.com talk all things Super Smash Bros Ultimate! In this episode we recap ALL of the 8/8 Smash Bros Direct, listen to new music tracks from the smash bros website and highlight…