IPP426: E3 2019 Predictions! Modern Warfare! Death Stranding!

It’s that Pre-E3 season and the love of video games is in the air. This week the hosts talk predictions, Death Stranding, and more.

Input Ep 75: Ellie, OWL, and Gaming’s Problem with Women

Jarrett, Jurge, and Logan are all together for the first episode of the brand new magical year of 2019. The boys come together to talk about the constantly updating, bizarre, and upsetting story of Ellie joining OWL and the ugly…

Input Ep 73: The 2018 Inputies

Jarrett, Jurge, and Logan are proud to usher in the first Inputies. THE internet gaming award ceremony that really matters, recognizing such important categories as Please Stop, Excuse Me, and Biggest Story. Part recap, part satire, and part genuine reflection on 2018 and…

Input Ep. 53: Madden Scrubs Out Kaepernick’s Name, Farewell App Store Affiliates, and OWL Teams Make Bank.

All three of the boys are back to discuss the latest happenings in the video game world and to break some big time news about a song lyric in a sports game. Topics Discussed:  Kaepernick V NFL Hijacking Your Crypto…

IrrationalPod Ep. 379 with Miranda Pomar

Download: iTunes — Google Play — RSS Feed — MP3 Direct Download The Bullets: 01:00 – Introductions 06:02 – Questions and Housekeeping 19:20 – Miranda’s Games 47:18 – Scott’s Games 1:01:45 – Nabeshin’s Games 1:15:13 – Alex’s Games, actually just…

Input Ep. 28: Billy Mitchell gets Konged, Kaz Hirai Leaves, and the Youtube Fight of the Century

Jurge sadly was absent from this weeks episode and Jarrett and Logan proceed to break all the rules and have an action packed joy ride of an episode. Discussion Topics: Billy Mitchell, King of Wrong Fake Real Beef When’s Mahvel?…

IrrationalPod Ep. 351

This week is all about games, games, games and more james. I mean, games.

The Monthly Passions Podcast: June 2016
Welcome back to the Monthly Passions Podcast. This month, Jarrett (@Jarrettjawn) sits down with five guests, some new, some returning, and asks one very important question. "If 2016 ended on June 30th, what would your Game of the Year be?"…
The Monthly Passions Podcast: May 2016

Welcome back to The Monthly Passions Podcast!

IrrationalPod Ep. 203

A podcast about Assassins.