MPP – And One Sidestep for Mankind w/ Ashley Parrish
There's no single reason why Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn't hold a candle to the original trilogy, but the greater consensus is that it doesn't. It's wholly enjoyable, and even innovative in a few key ways, but it misses the mark…
MPP – Street Fighter V: Then, Now, and Tomorrow w/ Michael Martin
  Street Fighter V is more than a sequel, is a reboot of the expectations of the Fighting Game Community when it comes to the planet Earth's biggest fighting game. Street Fighter V was meant to revive the scene for…
MPP- Tommy Miller, and the Infinite Diminishing Returns of COD

Jarrett and Tommy Miller (@itsctrl) have an intimate chat about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and whether the bubble has burst on the franchise. Tommy was a streamer for COD4: Modern Warfare back before that shit was cool, so he…

The Monthly Passions Podcast is Changing Again

The Monthly Passions Podcast is changing again!

The Monthly Passions Podcast: October
After a long delay, the Monthly Passions Podcast is back. A combination of Extra Life, scheduling troubles, and editing woes combined to put the kibosh on the 9th installment of the podcast. They failed. Instead, the podcast is being posted…
The Monthly Passions Podcast: September 2016
The Monthly Passions Podcast is back! In this September Issue, Jarrett (@Jarrettjawn) and OKBeast's Blessing Adeoye (@Blessingjr) decipher Bioshock Infinite in the wake of the launch of The Bioshock Collection. For more of Blessing Adeoye, visit OKBeast. Like! Share! Subscribe!…
The Monthly Passions Podcast: July 2016
The Monthly Passions Podcast is back! In this issue, Jarrett (@Jarrettjawn) talks with freelance writer, podcaster, and Irrational Passions contributor Jurge Cruz (@suparherojar26) about the lambent and glorious Furi. He also talks to big time Monster Hunter YouTuber John Conley…
The Monthly Passions Podcast: June 2016
Welcome back to the Monthly Passions Podcast. This month, Jarrett (@Jarrettjawn) sits down with five guests, some new, some returning, and asks one very important question. "If 2016 ended on June 30th, what would your Game of the Year be?"…
The Monthly Passions Podcast: April 2016

More monthly. More Passions. More podcasts.

The Monthly Passions Podcast: March 2016

The MPP is back for another format and a bunch of new voices.

Monthly Passions: December 2015

2015 is behind us, but let us look back fondly on its last month.

Monthly Passions: November 2015

Happy new year November!