Kickstarter Pick: Hyper Light Drifter

From the first stills of this hopeful from Director and Art Designer Alex Preston (AKA Heart Machine), the art direction’s isolating and dangerous, neon, dark wave vibe holds your eyes in it’s hypnotizing allure. It’s color palette is never settling,…

Kickstarter Picks: Ghost Song

Another promising looking idea from Kickstarter that drew my attention. You may want to see this one.

Kickstarter Picks: Soul Saga!

It’s a Kickstarter about making games closer to Persona, how could I resist?

Kickstarter Picks: GTFO A Film About Women in Gaming

Kickstarter is a growing website of interest for pretty much any industry you can name. We have already shouted out a few Kickstarter campaigns, so to continue the interest, we have created a new type of article called “Kickstarter Picks”,…

Kickstarter Picks – Errant Heart

Kickstarter is a good source for indie developers to get the funds they need to make a game. Sometimes, it’s the first game they’re ever making. Although, the drawback of this method is that if these games don’t get lots…