PAX West 2022: Writer’s Block Preview

Everyone has their own methods of defeating writer’s block. Some use drugs recreationally, some go outside and spend time in nature, and some do something completely different. TicToc Games’ Writer’s Block, is quite literally centered around it, but has a…

PAX West 2022: Wordless Preview

A new Metroidvania with a lot to bring to the table.

Irrational Passions PAX West Cast

Join Alex, Mike, and Scott as they breakdown some of the coolest things they saw at PAX West 2018! See some of our video previews over on YouTube @

Mad Machines Preview

While walking around the convention center at PAX, I was waved over by a group of developers surrounded by a bunch of PC’s all hooked up, asking if I would like to try their game. I happily accepted and was…

Blood Roots Preview

My eyes darted all across the encampment in front of me. Scanning for something, anything. There! Gliding across the ground as if a speed skater in the finals of the Olympics, I snapped to the spot in an instant, grabbing…

Killer Queen Black Preview

Myself, along with the other members of Irrational Passions got to talk with some of the developers from the console and PC version port of the popular arcade hit, Killer Queen Black. Let me tell you right now, this game…

The Blackout Club Preview

There was a moment when playing  Question’s The Blackout Club, while a terrifying monster sprinted after me and as I propelled myself over a fence and hit the ground, with the pulsating soundtrack vibrating throughout my headphones where I realized…

Young Souls Preview

Young Souls was one that jumped out to me, visually, right from the get go. It has a vibe that almost reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, obviously with a different artstyle. In execution, the game I saw is channeling that…

Tetris Effect VR Preview

I’m one of those lame folks that’s never gotten to sit down and experience a Mizuguchi game. For folks uninitiated, Tetsuya Mizuguchi is pretty known for his style of synthesia rhythm or sound/music-driven games, things like Rez, Child of Eden,…

Eastshade Video Preview

Video Producer Mike Burgess got hands on time with Eastshade during PAX West 2018.   Here’s a quick video that sums up his impressions of the the demo he played.   Follow Mike here:

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Preview

A city management concept that proves that buildings do, in fact, have feelings.

Streets of Rage 4 Preview

A follow up coming years later from a new studio… How does it stack up?