PAX EAST 2024 Stand Outs

So…this should have been out a good bit ago. That was the goal, actually, but a steady rotation of illnesses through the family and wrestling with an 8-month-old who just wanted to move and explore the house got in the…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge was a PAX East 2022 standout and my Game of the Show

I am going to save you a little time, in case you’re in a rush, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge from Tribute Games and Dotemu was hands-down my favorite game of PAX East 2022 and is one of my…

Interview With Greg Haynes of AbleGamers at PAX East 2020

Quin Hoffman, Editor at Irrational Passions, was able to sit down with Greg Haynes of AbleGamers at PAX East 2020, they were able to chat about the mission of AbleGamers and how they are trying to make games accessible for…

IPP459: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Ori & The Will of the Wisps, PAX Final Thoughts

Jarrett jumps on the show to talk PAX East, our Panel, embargoed games, and more!

Coffee Talk Co-Writer Interview: A PAX East Discussion with Kris Antoni

At PAX East 2020, Editor Jurge Cruz got to sit down and chat with Kris Antoni, Studio Director and Co-Writer on the narrative driven game Coffee Talk. – Subscribe: iTunes – Google Play – Spotify – Download – In Coffee Talk you play as…

PAX East 2020 Day 1 Recap Podcast

Join Alex O’Neill and most of the Irrational Passions writing team as they takeover the main feed to talk PAX East! Alex questions Mike, Jurge, Quin, and Scott White on some of their picks of games from the first day…

Spiritfarer Preview: Wholesomeness, Passing On, & Hugging Cats

A game where you can hug cats is always a game made for me.

IPP458: Sony Pulls out of PAX & GDC, Drought of Games, and PAX East!

Quin joins the gang to find some old games, see where next gen could be going, and the effect of the coronavirus.

IPP419: Jedi Fallen Order, Sekiro, and GAME OF THRONES!!!

On this week’s show we dive deep on why Sekiro succeeds, the fondness we still share for Portal 2, and our favorite Final Fantasy songs.

Lost Along the Way: Get to the Orange Door Preview

A hauntingly memorable game for Alex from PAX East.

IPP418: Back from PAX, Sekiro’s Master craft, and Borderlands 3

We are back! Our week off while Alex was in Boston is over, and we talk about just how great Sekiro is, just what Nabeshin’s favorite 50 games are, and Scott runs off to celebrate a birthday.

A Fold Apart Preview – Telling a Different Type of Love Story

Long distance relationships are difficult, especially when they’re of the romantic variety. They take a toll on people when you don’t see each other every day, and your schedules are different from one another. Making it work is such a…