Flint Hook Preview: You Had me at “Hook”

Metroid + Pirates = buccaneering adventures.

IrrationalPod Ep. 275

No Roger this time around, but we have a lot to say about fork-stabbing.

Mages of Mystralia Preview: Magic Makers

A game where you solve puzzles and make your own spells? Well, how fast can we break this.

Outlast II Preview: Elementary School Horror

Schools are actually my biggest fear, apparently.

Hob Preview: Hop, Skip, Slash

Here’s a new one for you: this game is like Zelda, and it’s really cool.

I Am Setsuna Preview: Going Back in Time

Call it the come-back kid.

Pyre Preview: Choose Your Own Destruction

Pyre is Supergiant Games’ next mic drop.

Enemy Starfighter Preview

Submerged in the depths of outerspace, phobias become a thing of the past. As the opposition flutters around you, it becomes clear; it’s either them or me. Antagonizing slowly evolved into a ruthless hunt as you stalk the approaching enemy.…

IrrationalPod: PAX East Day 2

More podcasting goodness from the PAX floor.

Throwback Thursday: PAX East

Over 50,000 people confined to shoulder length mobility. Cramp, heavy breathing, and trembling with every step from pure exhaustion isn’t limited to a few moments, but the entire day. But these tales of anguish wash away in a sea numbness…

Morning After: PAX East 2013

Now, I know this is technically going out a couple days after PAX has wrapped up, but I’ve needed to stew on it for a few days as this is covering a three-day event, not my normal one-day event Morning…

PAX East 2013: Hawken Preview

Hawken, for those of you who don’t know, is a free-to-play online Mech FPS for the PC. I got a chance to sit down with the game and play a free-for-all match against other people at the booth. There are…