PSP2: Irrational Passions Thoughts/Hopes

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  1. No doubt in my mind that this will be a day 1 purchase for me. I don’t care what they call it, the price (that will probably drive people nuts), or the launch titles. My only concern is which 3G network they will support, even though 4G is the new hotness.

  2. Wally-G says:

    I think we are over looking some things here. When the first x-box was being talked about, it had specs that were quite different then what it was released with. Why? Because by the time it came around to make the system, the technology had already advanced past their original specs.

    What does that mean? Instead of sticking with the original specs, they upgraded tot he new stuff because the new stuff cost the same as the original parts in the original spec list- which means they upgraded the power WITHOUT raising the price.

    Now there are articles on the PSP2 that state quite frankly that they are not producing the device yet or have the factory stuff up and running to make it yet. And if this device is slated to be released around holiday season of 2011- look how far off that is from now. By the time they start manufactoring PSP2 the original tech should be outdated/cheaper- which would allow Sony to market it at a lower price for us. Yes it is nice to be out first, but it is nicer to get good hardware at a cheaper price due to it being slightly outdated when it ships.