Dustbiters offers a surprising amount of depth and strategy in a small package

After more than a year of this pandemic, I’ve gained a special appreciation for the smaller-scale board and card games, especially those games that can be played just by two individuals. Being able to sit down and in the course…

Wizard of Legend Review

The Chaos Trials haven’t seem like a pretty big deal. Your first glimpse into this wild world of wizardry is a walking tour through a museum built to educate visitors about the importance and power of arcana, the awe-inspiring Council…

Faeland Preview

Humanity has kept their peace with other warring regions by forging peace treaties and keeping the dark forces at bay. However, a new and mysterious force is threatening the safety of everyone and everything in the world. This is the…

Input Ep. 2: “Tacoma, New 2DS XL, and Kickstarter”
The boys return for the second episode of Input. On the dock for this week: Tacoma and the state of indie games. Revenge of the New 2DS XL and long hardware lifespans. Kickstarter, we hardly knew ya. The health of…
Opinion: A Game’s Greatest Weakness

New contributor Elliott discusses the biggest fault in the video games industry.

IP Interviews: Yacht Club Games

Evan and I sat down with Ian and Erin from Yacht Club Games to discuss their latest product: Shovel Knight!

Preview Hyper Light Drifter: Laser-Swords & Bad Guys

Hyper Light Drifter is quite the Kickstarter success.

Kickstarter Picks: GTFO A Film About Women in Gaming

Kickstarter is a growing website of interest for pretty much any industry you can name. We have already shouted out a few Kickstarter campaigns, so to continue the interest, we have created a new type of article called “Kickstarter Picks”,…

Kickstarter Picks – Errant Heart

Kickstarter is a good source for indie developers to get the funds they need to make a game. Sometimes, it’s the first game they’re ever making. Although, the drawback of this method is that if these games don’t get lots…

IrrationalPod Ep. 79

Coming off a short show last week, we have a long treat for you this week!