Project Spark Insight

Independent development has produced a stunning surge within the past few years to the point where the masses are craving indie titles. Creativity and ingenuity is at the threshold in the game industry, but Microsoft seemed to be reluctant for…

Prodigy Preview

Hidden gems are concealed around every corner, remaining unnoticed as your head swivels among vast expansion of booths at PAX East. Though if you have keen eye and a reality that demands the fuel of fantasy, the Prodigy booth is…

Titanfall Beta: Monsters and Men

Crushing your enemies has never been this fun.

Keeping Survival Horror Games Alive!

Lately, the survival horror genre has been defining its gameplay to just that, surviving. Sure, stomping a necromorph’s head in Dead Space may be fun, but nothing screams horror like being chased around, defenseless.

Bethesda’s Big Fault

Is Bethesda jumping into subscription-based games really a good idea?

Proteus: A Beautiful, Poignant Experience

Niall peaks into what Proteus is, and what the experience meant to him.

PAX East 2013: Hawken Preview

Hawken, for those of you who don’t know, is a free-to-play online Mech FPS for the PC. I got a chance to sit down with the game and play a free-for-all match against other people at the booth. There are…

Release Date for Next WoW Add-On

Looking forward to Pandas and more World of Warcraft? We got some good news for you.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Extended Reactions

So as everyone across the internet seems to be sharing their reactions about the new Mass Effect 3 DLC, “Extended Cut”, I figure I will chip in my two-cents as well. I have already talked for hours about the game…